Rice Associates, Inc.



Richmond, VA to Potomac Segment, Washington DC

This project is the result of a cooperative agreement between the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) for the completion of preliminary engineering and tier 2 environmental review for the SEHSR corridor, Richmond, Virginia to Potomac River Section (RAPS). This rail corridor survey will support and provide information needed for the environmental review and approvals required for  design-build or final design and construction efforts of the SEHSR corridor in the future. The project area extends from the Long Bridge in Arlington, VA, to Centralia, VA in Chesterfield County. Proposed improvements are along CSX-owned track, generally parallel to I-95. It is an important freight corridor and an essential economic driver for Virginia. It is also an extension of Virginia’s rail service to Newport News and Norfolk, offering a link to port traffic.

Rice Associates Provided:

  • Survey ground control
  • Color digital aerial imagery acquisition
  • Airborne LiDAR acquisition
  • Photogrammetric mapping of the entire project area which includes the approximately 106 mile rail corridor by 250’ on each side of the railroad centerline

Project HIghlights:

  • Set approximately 425 aerial targets to control the digital aerial imagery and airborne LiDAR
  • Airborne LiDAR captured information through the tree canopy and was not restricted by shadows thus allowing for a more complete “bare earth” surface
  • Utilizing airborne LiDAR for the collection of topographic surface data, the amount of field survey and additional photogrammetric data collection time has been significantly reduced thereby saving time and money for the client while still meeting or exceeding the required accuracy requirements