Rice Associates, Inc.



Pentagon Sentry Program, Pentagon Reservation

Boundary Channel Drive, Vehicle Access Control Point Improvements

Arlington, Virginia

This project will replace an existing primary vehicle access control point (VACP) known as Boundary Channel Drive (BCD). Boundary Channel Drive VACP is a primary vehicle and pedestrian post serving tenants with parking privileges for North Secure Parking and areas beyond the Route 110 on the Reservation and badged pedestrians parking in the unsecure North Parking Areas. While this post is primarily a vehicle entry control point, it also has significant badged pedestrian and bicycle traffic due to unsecured parking and joggers.  The ACP is located between lanes 47 and 49 adjacent to the impound lot. This post is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rice Associates, Inc. was enlisted to provide a detailed topographic and subsurface utility survey of the existing access control point, which included the adjacent impound lot, stairwells and access ramp.

Rice Associates provided:

  • Topographic Survey
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering at Quality Level B (QL-B), meeting the ASCE 38-02 standard of care

Project Highlights:

  • Obtained detailed grade elevations which included all planimetric features
  • Established primary ground control via GPS observations and horizontally tied it to the Virginia State plane coordinate system, while the vertical datum was referenced to NAVD 88 datum. This was followed by field run conventional traverse stations.
  • Provided locations and information for all underground utilities within the project limits
  • Promptly ensured that all employees had proper badging and vehicle clearances