Rice Associates, Inc.



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Arlington, VA

Since Reagan National became a hub for US Airways, daily flights have increased dramatically.  This increase has put a strain on the airports express ramps; especially ramp 35 used by US Airways.  The increase has caused the deterioration of the ramp and ramp parking for the aircraft.  In an effort to improve the condition of the ramp, Whiting Turner was selected to demo out the old dilapidated tarmac and replace it with concrete.  Rice associates joined the Whiting Turner team to provide a topographic survey prior to the demolition, a post construction as-built survey and paint striping layout.

    Rice Associates provided:

    • Topographic Survey
    • As-built Survey
    • LiDAR Scanning

    Project Highlights:

    • Utilized mobile LiDAR scanner versus conventional survey methods to speed up data acquisition and provide a safer work environment
    • Provided flexible field support to meet the client’s tight schedule
    • Densified control points provided by the client to establish scanner control points
    • Scanned the site in 4 separate phases and the data was then converted to a topographic survey for comparison with the pre-demolition survey
    • Paint striping was laid out in areas of demolition so the striping could be returned to its original position