LiDAR Delivers Survey-Grade Accuracy

This state-of-the-art scanner delivers survey-grade accuracy on projects of all types and sizes. We utilize this technology to perform remotely based physical surveys of areas that are inaccessible, congested or hazardous thereby improving worker and public safety.

Static LiDAR photo3Static LiDAR photo2Static LiDAR photo6

The Many Uses of LiDAR Scanning:

Existing Site Conditions
– Manufacturing facilities, plants, tunnels, bridges, 
 pumpstations, etc.

Building Construction
– Retrofit design tool
– Conflict analysis and resolution
– Virtual construction
– Pre-fabrication for rehab projects

Building Information Modeling
– 3D as built models

– mechanical rooms
– piped systems
– HVAC systems
– architectural details
– structural details

Disaster & Forensic Surveys
– Detailed and measurable site record

Static LiDAR photo8
Static LiDAR photo9Static LiDAR photo7

Enhanced safety for public and workers

Rapid & Comprehensive Data Collection

Non-Invasive Technique

Increased Accuracy over Manual As-Builts

Cost Savings:
Reduced Mobilization and Field Visits

One Man Crew

Avoids Lane Closures and Additional Traffic Safety Expenses

Highley congested intersection
Highley congested intersection
LiDAR Scan to capture structural details
LiDAR Scan to capture structural details
3D Model for as-built survey
3D Model for as-built survey

– 3D Models
– Point Clouds
– Imagery
– Videos
– 2D Drawings
– Virtual Site Walk Thru

– Autodesk Revit
– AutoCAD
– Micro Station
– LAS, PTS, PTG, PTX, POD, RCS and many others

– AVI, Quicktime, WMV
– Leica Tru View

Project Highlight – Disaster Site Analysis

National Cathedral Crane Collapse 2011

Crane collapse as a result of a high winds during repair efforts to the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. The crance extended 325 feet at the time of collapse. Rice Associates, was enlisted to conduct a forensic LiDAR scan of the site. A model was produced to assist in determining the direction and actual cause of collapse.
Static - Crane2Static - Crane1