Subsurface Utility Designation & Mapping

Rice Associates can assist with any large or small utility designating and mapping need. The firm has developed a thorough and flexible process that produces quality results and addresses the specific needs of our clients. The intent of this process is to present a system of classifying the quality of existing subsurface utility data.

Such a process allows the project owner, design engineer, subsurface utility engineer, constructor, and utility owner to develop strategies to manage risks caused by existing subsurface utilities in a defined manner.

This process doesn’t follow any set pattern and is project-specific in nature. It involves systematically identifying the quality of utility information needed to design a project, and acquiring and managing that level of information.

Rice Associates performs in-depth utility record research, and utilizes the latest in electromagnetic equipment with multiple frequencies and also Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for non-metallic utilities and septic fields. Our services are provided on public and private sites, and strictly adhere to ASCE 38-02 guidelines.