Light Detection & Ranging (LIDAR)

Rice Associates is an innovative firm that utilizes the latest in technology solutions to appropriately achieve client needs. Our capabilities include high definition ground based LIDAR with Leica scanners.

LIDAR Delivers Survey-Grade Accuracy

This state-of-the-art scanner delivers survey-grade accuracy on projects of all types and sizes. We utilize this technology to perform remotely based physical surveys of areas that are inaccessible, congested or hazardous thereby improving worker and public safety.

Rice Associates acquires Pegasus: One, Leica’s newest mobile mapping system. Only the second unit in North America, Rice Associates demonstrates commitment to achieving client goals by utilizing advanced technology solutions driven by quality, schedule and budget. For more information on mobile mapping, click here.

With a full field-of-view, the operator can scan 360° in the horizontal plane
and 270° in the vertical plane. Dependant upon project type, field work can be completed in as little as 25 percent of the time required for a conventional survey.

Hundreds of Thousands of Points are Captured

Unlike conventional methods, literally hundreds of thousands of points are captured in a single scan session and dependent upon specific client needs scan densities can be adjusted in the field.

Up to one million points per second can be captured at the peak density setting. Survey data can be delivered in field format or processed in the office to produce CAD models. This scanning application extends to roads, bridges,buildings, manufacturing plants, quarries, stock piles, and parking structures in addition to numerous other project types.