Rt. 11 Firestone Creek Bridge Replacement Photogrammetric Bridge Situation



  • Accelerated schedule assignment
  • Ground supplemented photogrammetric mapping
  • LIDAR high definition laser scan
  • Utility location
  • Critical schedule driven task
Project Background: The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) maintains a network of over 20 thousand bridge structures of which over 30 percent are considered to be obsolete or structurally deficient.

Following a thorough analysis VDOT elected to replace the Firestone Creek bridge with a new $2.2 million structure. The replacement was funded through the agency’s bridge maintenance program.

Work Performed: Rice Associates was enlisted to perform ground survey and photogrammetric mapping services to VDOT standards at a map scale of 1″=50′ with 2-foot contours. Notice-to-Proceed was received on this accelerated schedule project and due to the immediate need for data imagery acquisition took place the following day.

This included establishing horizontal and vertical ground control, stream cross-sections, and survey location of utilities. Additionally the bridge within the project limits was scanned with terrestrial LIDAR.

The field information was combined with the photogrammetric mapping. All survey control and traverse data was collected and processed by Rice Associates.

All field surveys were completed within 30 days and final survey files were submitted to design engineer a week in advance of the requested due date allowing the design work to be completed and delivered on schedule to VDOT.