Mark Center Ground Supplemented Photogrammetric Mapping Survey



  • Ground supplemented photogrammetric mapping
  • High definition LIDAR scanning of 14 bridge structures
  • Fixed wing and helicopter aerial mapping
  • Data fusion application

Project Background: One of the recommendations outlined in the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program called for the reassignment of certain military and civilian employees to a new facility in Alexandria referred to as the Mark Center. This will involve the relocation of approximately 7,000 new employees which necessitates enhancing transportation access to the facility. The overall goal is to relieve anticipated congestion to the I-395 / Seminary interchange and surrounding local roadway network and to provide opportunities for planned transit uses.

Work Performed: The designer enlisted Rice Associates to map the corridor within the right-of-way at a scale of 1″=25′ with DTM for one foot contours. The firm, utilizing a combination of existing fixed wing aerial and helicopter mapping, acquired from multiple sources merged the data into a single platform.

In addition to utilizing data acquired by aerial means, Rice Associates utilized high definition LIDAR scanning to obtain structural details on 14 bridge structures for the purpose of preparing limited bridge situation plans.
They included the bridges for Seminary Road, two pedestrian bridges and the bridge for Sanger Avenue. Field crews also conventionally supplemented the aerial mapping with additional features that were obscured in the imagery.
The use of helicopter mapping and acquisition of pavement and bridge data by LIDAR assured that field crews had reduced exposure on this heavily travelled and limited access highway.