• Major statewide VDOT program
  • Ground supplemented photogrammetric location surveys
  • Conventional ground surveys
  • LIDAR scanning of roadways and bridges
  • Utility designation and location services

VDOT – Surveying, Photogrammetry and Subsurface Utility Designation and Location Term Contract


Project Background: Rice Associates has supported the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) on a continuous basis since 1994 and has served as a prime consultant since 1998. This contract which was awarded to Rice Associates in 2011 was the firm’s second consecutive 3-year on-call statewide contract. It is also only the second contract awarded by VDOT that combines surveying and photogrammetry with subsurface utilities designation and location.

Work Performed: Services provided as a part of this contract include control surveys, aerial mapping, photogrammetry, LIDAR scanning, utility designation and location, hydrographic studies, location surveys and global positioning. Representative projects include:

  • Interstate 581, City of Roanoke. Rice Associates was enlisted to perform ground survey and photogrammetric mapping services which included establishing horizontal and vertical ground control and incorporating designated subsurface utilities. The topographic survey was completed within the limited access areas and expanded to map drainage throughout the entire project area. The aerial portion of the project involved incorporating aerial imagery and aerial triangulation. After completing the setup, the project area was compiled at a map scale of 1″=25′ with breaklines and DTM to support 1-foot contours. The data was verified in the field and incorporated with the utilities.
  • I-95 and Route 630 Interchange, Stafford County. Rice Associates was enlisted to provide surveying and mapping services in support of engineering design efforts involving the reconstruction of the I-95 / Route 630 interchange (Exit 140) including the realignment of the Route 630 and Route 1 intersection and the relocation of a commuter park and ride lot. Rice Associates used GPS to establish Virginia State Plane coordinate values on newly installed project monuments and used conventional survey techniques to extend survey control into all areas of the project. The firm also utilized conventional survey techniques for spot verification and augmentation of VDOT provided aerial mapping. In addition to conventional survey a terrestrial LIDAR scanner was used to acquire precise location data on I-95 and the Route 630 bridges preventing personnel entry into the heavily travelled roadway. Courthouse research and field surveys were also performed on approximately 150 properties to determine the extent of acquisitions necessary for the roadway improvements.
  • Route 29, Albemarle County. This project is located in an area of Route 29 which rapidly narrows creating a serious traffic “bottleneck.” VDOT is assessing the area for potential road widening and bridge construction. Rice Associates was enlisted to provide aerial imagery, targeting, ground control and photogrammetric mapping. The mapping was provided along a corridor approximately 1,000 feet wide and five miles in length. Mapping was compiled at a scale of 1″=50′ with a DTM capable of supporting a one foot contour interval. In order to accommodate the client’s schedule the imagery was collected during “leaf-off” conditions and the mapping was held until the project was ready to proceed.